Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Design Tip: photograph trouble spots

  • Do you want to discover trouble spots in your interior design? 
  • Do you have a room where something seems off but you don't know what the problem is? 
  • Are you wondering if your room is completed?
Take a photograph of the  room in question and have a critical look at what is happening.  There is something about the two dimensionality of photography that makes problem areas pop out especially scale /proportion. (Proportion involves the relationship of size between objects. Proportion  also includes the relative sizes of surface areas of different colors). Here's a telling photo of  my own living room.

This tiny chest of drawers looks minute and lost  next to the chair.  The area need something more substantial to balance the weight of the chair next to it. I'm still looking for the perfect piece and that is how it goes.

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