Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Do you need a little luck?

We just finished two months of renovations after our broken water pipes  and I wanted something fresh and green  for my living room. I went to the florist to get a....

shamrock plant for good luck Irish

 lucky shamrock seeing it was St. Patrick's Day  and my ancestors are Irish.  The best laid plans often fizzle in the face of something more interesting or inviting. The poor old shamrock didn't get a second look when I saw this....

lucky bamboo pillar
Lucky bamboo pillar

I couldn't help myself.  I was pulled in by this  lucky  bamboo. Most bamboo plants grow into a leggy, somewhat untidy mess, and for that reason I've never bought one.  I didn't realize  there were different ways of braiding or shaping them.

So I am  now the proud owner of a lucky bamboo.  Here's my Cole's notes (am I dating myself?) version of my research on understanding them a little more:

10 facts about lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo:
  •  has been used for 5,000 years in the practice of Feng Shui
  • arrangement can have  5 essential elements of Feng Shui- earth (rocks or pebbles), wood (stalks), water (for growth), metal (add small coin or ornament), and fire (red or orange   object added) 
  • is not a real bamboo, it is an Asian tropical water lily, botanical name "dracaena sanderiana" 
  • does well in low light, but needs a constant supply of  water (keep at 1 inch)
  • likes distilled water  or tap water left out overnight ,
  • doesn't like  water with flouride 
  •  needs a water change once a week 
  • brings luck (amount of luck it brings depends on the number of stalks) check this link
  • leaves can be toxic when ingested
  • designs are trellis, pillar, tower or "random"

Special designs

spiral triad lucky bamboo
Spiral triad

lucky bamboo pineapple braided pillar
Pineapple braided pillar
simple braided pillar lucky bamboo
Simple braided pillar
two tiered tower lucky bamboo
Two tiered tower
serpentine wall lucky bamboo
Serpentine wall 
trellis lucky bamboo
Trellis lucky bamboo 

If you want a plant in your home a lucky bamboo is your best bet if you don't have a green thumb.  It may even survive for awhile.

Using lucky bamboo in decor

lucky bamboo arrangement dining table
Using repetition of small arrangements in a dining space

lucky bamboo curled centerpiece coffee table
The sculptural quality of curled lucky bamboo makes a stunning centerpiece
curled lucky bamboo zen bathroom
Lucky bamboo in a simple design works well in a Zen bathroom 
spiral lucky bamboo arrangement console table
An  arrangement of curled  stems needs no other adornment 

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