Thursday, January 9, 2014

A difficult good-bye

I've wrapped up the Christmas season in different ways, but 2013 will stand out as a doozie in my memories. In Newfoundland the season is "officially" over on January 6- Old Christmas Day - when most people begin to think about taking down decorations. 

Simple Christmas decorating
 Family room looking festive at night  with magnolia and wreaths
  The season was chugging along quite nicely until  January 2nd. when everything fell apart because of extremely low temps, a snowstorm, and then massive power outages prefaced and preceded by rotating outages to conserve.  Needless to say that is a recipe for all kinds of problems including broken water pipes.  I've been learning the not so pleasant ways of insurance companies ever since. Enough said!  Living in a bit of a disaster zone with ceilings ripped out, dehumidifiers and air blowers going, plumbers and carpenters banging and dragging materials through the house, etc. is not my idea of perfect harmony.

It was like Christmas dribbled away without our noticing it.  Couldn't turn on the Christmas tree or the outside lights, couldn't entertain unless you wore your long johns, brought a flashlight and served melted snow. Much was reported on Twitter about the events, and I particularly enjoyed two blogposts by Heidi Wicks that are definitely worth a read.  I love her humorous take on the everyday. True and funny.

In the midst of construction I removed my Christmas decorations and looked for inspiration for next year.  

A nature inspired theme perhaps

My love of birds takes many forms and I have a friend who gives me one each Christmas.  I think next year I will pool them together and see what I can come up with.

Simple Christmas decorating birds
Birds and dragonfly

silver pinecones ornaments birds simple Christmas decorations
 A winter display
 I can't bear to put it all away, so I find little ways to add sparkle and colour to the winter months.
Accessories white and red poppy birds
Poppy with birds
And finally my little spot of red. Good- bye Christmas 2013.

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