Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tardy Decorator

I can't believe I haven't written a  blog post since May.    I am posting regularly on my Facebook page which is quick and can  be accessed easily as I travel and relax  at my summer home. I don't think I am the only one who falls shy of projected output over the summer months. 

I am also tardy in completing my own home improvement projects. I wrote about my main bath reno last year in this post .  I made all the design decisions and purchased materials.  Now they all lie in my painting studio and have been beckoning for a year.  I joked with my husband, who is the contractor, that the choices will be past their prime by the time the room is completed. I'm already having second thoughts about the sink I purchased.  The new  completion date is fall 2013.  He won't commit to a specific month though! 

I am also re-decorating my guest room which has had nothing done to it in 15 years! It is a deadly beige right now and I've moved my black shaker bedroom set  into the space  and plan to work with a black and white design and possibly one or two  colour accents.    Here are some inspiration pics.

Tom Stringer Design Partners

I love the mix of organic and geometric patterning.  I already purchased narrow striped black and soft white sheets and have my eye on a duvet. I am not a lover of dark window treatments, but this room looks great with the geometric cut on the black roller shades.  There's  nothing like a tidy window treatment. BM Acadia white OC 38 is my choice for wall colour.  Stark white is too clinical for me. 



I've seen this picture many times on Pinterest and I still love it.  It gives an idea of how fresh black and white looks with an accent colour. 

It is so easy to dream up the schemes, but when you do all the work yourself it usually takes awhile to get into the groove.  Right now my garden is taking priority.  I hope the guest room doesn't take as long as the bathroom!

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