Friday, February 8, 2013

Have a little heart

Young children often call Valentine's Day "heart day" .  The heart motif is constantly used in home accessories and these gems aren't just for Valentine's Day; they add lightness and love to your home all year round.   Have you woven any hearts into your home decor?

This simple, graphic pillow  would look great layered with other pillows that have hits of red. The stitching and asymmetrical layout makes the design.

Totally Tutorials

Creating a wrapped yarn heart over a wooden or cardboard heart is so simple.  If you create two different sizes you can hang one inside the other.

How about Oragne?

A great activity if you are bored.

In 1930s Hungary, farmers  personalized the designs of their grain sacks so that they could easily identify the bag while transporting grain, flour or sugar. Some of these distinct grain sacks are being repurposed as decorative pillows for the home.  A pillow with history....

Design Sponge

Lots of ideas here for interesting, creative wrapping for your Valentine.

When you poke around on the internet you will find all sorts of ideas for do- it- yourself art with heart motifs. Most of the really successful ones make use of repetition as the  predominant principle of design.  

Arnold Schulman Design Group

This is one spectacular bookcase and the little hits of pink hearts are adorable.
London Interior Designer LLI Design

 Can you find the hearts? 

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