Monday, January 28, 2013

So you want to hire a decorator

Many people think that working with a decorator is out of their reach financially  or that the results of the pairing would create a space that wasn't personal.  Neither of these beliefs are true if  homeowners  matche their  needs with the right decorator's skill set
Professional decorators usually hold a set of  basic beliefs about designing spaces that support  their interactions with clients.   For example I believe
everyone deserves a beautiful space ....

 Margaret Ryall
interesting and inviting interiors can exist without a high price tag;
Photography: Brian Ricks
a space should reflect the needs and interests of the owner;
 Margaret Ryall 

furniture arrangement makes or breaks a space;

Margaret Ryall

personal items are the best accessories;

Margaret Ryall

editing a space can transform it;

  Margaret Ryall
layering objects, colours and textures create interesting spaces;

Photography:  Brian Ricks

art completes an interior design;

Margaret Ryall

harmonizing is more interesting than over matching;

designing a room is the same as designing a painting; 

and most important of all .... 

listening is key to designing.
 As you can see these are broad beliefs that can be applied to most spaces. They do not dovetail into any particular look.   Everyone is different and their spaces should reflect  this individuality.  

My approach: 
I  compose spaces  in various ways, problem solve situations, use colour to harmonize or contrast; understand the various principles and elements of design and put them together to produce  interesting spaces.   I like to meet clients, find out about them as people, look at their spaces and what they own,  and then create a space  that is personal to them. The key to this process is listening and questioning.

 Do clients  have to love what I love?  NO! Are there projects that are easy for me?  Yes!  I love mid century modern styling and like to mix it with more contemporary pieces for a  clean edged  look with lots of neutrals, texture, splashes of colour and interesting lines to create quiet spaces.

 Can I create  traditional designs?  Yes!   How about eclectic?  Yes!  It's all about understanding the characteristics of these styles and working with the likes/dislikes of the homeowner.    

Is there a decorator in your future? 

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