Saturday, January 19, 2013

How do you like your blue?

I spend part of every year living on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in a small community in Newfoundland.  Being in such close proximity to the sea influences my colour interests.  It is no surprise that I like watery blue greens. These combinations show up in both of my homes and even in my art work.   

  Margaret Ryall, Slow Drift (2012)  6x8 in.  encaustic monotype on board

When you mix spring greens and  watery blues the result is always  fresh and lively. There are lots of patterns and textures in this room and the use of an old map as wall art references  land and sea.  Are you beginning to see how both of my careers dovetail?  Interior design and visual art feed each other on a daily basis in my life. Lots of times looking at a room will give me an idea of an art series!

This is lovely combination  inspired by the spectacular art work over the sofa.  The room is fresh and inviting and the plant adds to that vibrancy.  White, cream and the softest yellows  are the perfect foils for blue green combinations. If you would like to see more of this room check the link above.

Yellow brings out the best in aqua because there's yellow in its composition . The magenta area rug grounds the design, but for me it has to much energy for a bedroom.  I like my floors muted and just there. Do you like this combination?

A vibrant, casual  sun room in blues and greens.   Just the place to sit and have a cool drink with friends. The colour scheme helps to draw together the variety in furniture pieces. Don't be afraid to use what you have in a room and then  use colour to link the design together.  Matching furniture  is highly over rated!

Waverly Solar Flair Lime/Indigo

Look to fabrics for colour scheme inspiration.  Deeper blues can serve as a good grounding colour in a blue green scheme.  If you like painted furniture choose this colour for high impact . Deep blues are trending for 2013.  

Or reverse your combination and use a striking aqua colour and support it with deep blue. Not everyone can live with this much pattern, but you don't have to.  Imagine this piece against  soft creams, charcoal or even purple!
How do you like your blue and what's your favourite combination? 

As you can see I like mine with lots of yellow and leaning into green.  Check this fascinating survey to see how people feel about blue depending on sex and age.

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