Friday, December 21, 2012

Wrap it up

Trying to be earth friendly is an ongoing battle especially at Christmas.   I hate the fact that all the pretty gift wrap ends up in the landfill because  it isn't recyclable.  paper gift  bags work for me and I always reuse  those I receive. I  also purchase fabric bags when I see them and hope the receiver  passes them along to another person. When the last of my gift wrap runs out (probably this year), I plan to use brown paper (Kraft Paper) which you can recycle.  The options for dressing it up are endless. Here's a few nifty ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities:

  Braided wine, a bit of greenery  and a pine cone.  What could be simpler than that?  Wrapping the twine around the package off center adds to the design element.

 What a great way to share old photographs.  Copying them is so easy these days.  

Love how the black satin ribbon looks with the green and the stamped gift tag.  The splash of cedar finishes the job. 

 The name of the recipient becomes the major design element in this wrapping idea. 

  Have you seen the lace tape that is so popular now ? I've been on the look out but haven't found it yet.

Cutting snowflakes from different coloured paper and adding them to the plain paper works to add a spalsh of colour.  Simple butcher twine manages to look elegant with this pairing.

 Who know the pages from old books could make such pretty wrapping material.  You can sew paper to make bags or else glue the edges together.  Adding red string makes it all so festive. You can do so much with so little!
I love this one with red yarn and kraft sticks with holes drilled in them. Of course it is the repetition that makes the design.

 Love this look with red raffia ribbon and strips of black and white printed paper.  What you add between the raffia is up to one's imagination.

 Coloured tape and a button on a string.  How colourful and simple?

 To get this effect I would use scraps of tulle or netting  and then over tie it with twine. 

Wondering what to do with that left over burlap?  Wonder no more.  I made burlap bags years ago to package driftwood Santa's I hand painted.   When you ravel out the tops and include a colourful yarn for tying , it looks very festive.  Burlap will also take a simple stencil using  paint.

 Over wrapping newsprint with burlap and adding a lovely gift tag and pine cones looks very finished and inviting.

 Find the links to these and lots of other gift wrapping ideas on my Pinterest  gift giving page.

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