Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

I love repetition as a statement and it is a powerful vehicle for impact  in art and design.  As you get ready for the coming season perhaps  you would like some inspiration. These images illustrate simple, doable Christmas decor with an emphasis on repetition. Of course Pinterest is the go to site now for ideas of any kind.  These and more ideas  can be found on my  Tis the Season folder.

So simple and effective.  I think this works because of its lack of colour and sparkle against the metal tray.

  How simple is this?  Jingle bells, and white candles on a rectangular white tray.  The variations are endless.

  Pick your choice with this one. Greenery with candles or bulbs in sets of three or four.  I think I would stick to one or the other so it would get noticed more.

 Boxwood wreath with slim tapers massed in the middle.  These little candles and holders usually in clear glass are often found at dollar stores. You could also drill holes of appropriate size in a piece of wood and cover it with aluminum foil for safety.

  While this isn't specifically  Christmas decor it offers all kinds of ideas about a similar shelf and a repetition of objects for different seasons.

 Love this idea for over a sofa.  Using those plastic snowflakes you can pick up cheaply and gluing them in a circle with  hot glue.  Velvet ribbon  is a must for the look.

 And don't you just love the repetition of gold vases and two shapes of trees?  Gold is so coming back in vogue. 

 Another set of four but this time using very rustic pots with moss, greenery and candles.

 Lanterns of different shapes and heights can be used with all sorts of seasonal decor.  I think they are handy to have around for  year around use.

 Love white and blue at Christmas.  Add in the sparkle of silver ornaments and the scene is set. 

Remember that you can hang wreaths almost anywhere.

If you missed last year's posts about Christmas decorations check them out here for my house,  for your table,   wreaths,and  mini trees . 

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