Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A little red year round

Red  is a great accent colour anytime, but it seems to be even more inviting at Christmas.  All it takes is the merest hint to bring a room to life. It can be used in small accessories, window treatments or furniture.  In all can't be ignored.

accessories red
A splash of red always works

What a difference a pillow can make.  Remember to have at least three hits of an accent colour around a room to create movement.  

red furniture with black
Black and red are very dramatic

Red and black is always dramatic, and when your throw a bold pattern into the mix it is even more so. 

red patterned bar stools accessories
Stunning patterned bar stools

 Red and gray is refreshing.  I especially like this crisp blue red with a white pattern. Three hits of colour is well displayed in this vignette. 

A sprinkling of red

Red paired with black and white patterned area rug is very eye catching.   What an interesting window treatment for more than one window set close together. Vertical stripes are so commanding. 

red sofa black and white pillows
Who could ignore red with black and white?

 Bold black and white again with a red sofa.  Very commanding.  When you are hanging artwork on a striped wall it is best to keep the mats light and the images simple. 

red and white striped headboard
Red and white striped headboard

A striking red striped headboard with charcoal and white. 

red console
A stunning red console

Red with liberal amounts of neutral always works.

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