Thursday, November 29, 2012

A must have vase

I'm in love with the Boblen  vase my new  neighbour gave me. Although we do not know each other well, she could not have chosen a more fitting gift.  I always have some version of fresh greenery or flowers in my home. The more I look at  this little gem the more ideas I get  for using it. 

The Boblen line of vases, designed by famous Norwegian Florist and TV personality Finn Schjoll,


 are expressive mouth blown vases  in clear glass in various sizes


 and colours. 


 Its design was inspired by water drops on a lily after the rain. The extended flat lip makes them especially conducive to wide floral designs....



 or to highlight  a single blossom.


 You can also put several vases of varying sizes together to create drama. 

 or float a flower in water in the bowl .


  or wrap a creeping vine under and around the lip.

 You could also fill the bowl with candy, small glass ornaments, beach glass, berries, small blossoms, pepples etc.  and place a pillar candle on top.  An all around accent for your home that can always be on display.

Art Glass Vista  ships world wide.

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