Wednesday, September 5, 2012


How do you feel about this colourful  vignette ?
Are there things you like?
Are there things you would change if you had an opportunity to do so?We all have our own take on a space, our likes and dislikes. That's what makes decorating an imperfect science.

When I glance at this room I am immediately attracted to the bold magenta dresser.  It commands the eye because of its  colour and its size in comparison to everything placed near it.  The chair paired with it is just as commanding for different reasons (pattern and texture). I like the rounded back, but not the pattern or the colour.  Perhaps something in a deeper aqua  with a rounded back would be a better foil for the dresser.   "Breathing space" is important and this chair doesn't have any.   If you needed a chair there  and that was the only amount of space available, a darker aqua chair   would fit better visually and connect with the other elements.  

When I'm adding accessories to a striking piece like this dresser , I always want larger scale pieces  that provide colour contrast and variety in shapes. I like the white box, but I would choose a larger plant and a more rounded third object  and then overlap the arrangement to move your  eye around.

 The artwork would work better with a different chair.

And that's my take! What's your opinion?  Come on, you know you have one. 


  1. I like the space but i think the chair would look nice is a striped pattern like teal and white. I am not a fan of animal prints. cheers

  2. I like your idea of a teal and white(or off white) chair, Lesley. I think it would work well with the boldness of the dresser. White and black stripes would work with the dresser but that would be too commanding for the subtle drapes.


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