Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Furniture Facelift

It's unbelievable how a coat of paint and new hardware can turn an old piece of furniture into a hot new addition to your home.  Much to my husband's dismay I am not someone who  becomes faint at the thought of painting solid wood.  The way I look at it, furniture may have served you faithfully for years, and it deserves a facelife as it ages!  Besides, painted furniture is all the rage these days.  So get out those colour chips and find a dresser or table to bring to life.

Pops of colour in furniture play the same role as pillows or area rugs in your decor.  It's a great way to move colour around a room or to create a stunning focal point.

Check out these pieces and more on my Pinterest board

Turquoise/aqua is a very popular colour for painted furniture.  It is a very "usable" colour because it would fit in with most colour schemes as a lovely accent.

Corals and oranges are very popular for  a pop of colour.  Of course oranges are all the rage in 2012.

Royal purple is one of my favourites.  Buying new hardward of cleaning the original adds drama to a piece.

Don't save your bright colours for furniture.  A current trend is to have a coloured island.  This is a daring choice. 

Stenciling is an added embellishment for painted furniture.   I particularly like the matt/gloss look of this black  dresser. It would work in any decor.  Just do your stenciling with gloss varathane.

The blog Censational Girl  has great examples of painted furniture as you can see from the gems below. The colour choices allow the pieces to fit into any decor as a beautiful soft accent.

I love this  soft greens which would have a place in many decors.

 This beautiful lavender gray stripe is so simple, soft and utterly appealing with white furniture. 

Detailing adds to the overall look of a piece and this one has it in spaces. 

There's lots of painted furniture in both my homes. Everything in my summer house except for the kitchen table is a colour.  That's because every piece of furniture is second hand.  What better way to feel free to paint it up!

This is a  table left over from the era of the fully draped  table .  It is fun and funky in my summer house. 

The wicker chair in my kitchen was spray painted and the cabinet was built to store phonebooks, mail etc. The colours blend in and warm up the BM Rockport Gray walls.  The cabinet is BM Lennox Tan my favourite warm goldenish beige .

 My solid oak coffee and end table took on a whole new life when I painted them BM Kendall Charcoal.

I hope you have something that is calling out for a coat of paint!


  1. Somehow vintage design furniture are unique and add a new life to our interior. These pieces perfectly match my tastes, as i want to get my apartament renovate in vantage style. I'm sure it will look perfect!

  2. It's really useful and grateful article. I really liked Detailing adds to the overall look of a piece and this one has it in spaces. Yeah, it's really tough to paint old furniture and make it eye-catching for ever one. But after going through your article.I got really good confidence to color my furniture again. Thanks a lot for this informative article.

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  3. I am in love with tourquoise and coral right now. They just seem to add amazing character to whatever room they are in.

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