Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flying high

Lately I'm seeing birds in many design magazines and home decor shops. They keep popping up on wallpaper, pillows, bedding, pottery, art work and in cages.  It seems the sky's the limit!  Here are some of my favourite ways to integrate a theme into your home. It doesn't have to be birds, it could be butterflies, fish etc.


Heather Garrett eclectic laundry room
 I love the design possibilities of wallpaper, but I can also remember all those hours of scraping it off walls.  My preference now  is to use wallpaper on smaller spaces or as an accent.  The colours in this pattern work perfectly with other colours in the room. In a small space which isn't lived in daily you can be a little more whimsical or adventurous.

living room eclectic living room

This vibrant yellow is hard to ignore and it is used sparingly.  Framing sections is a perfect solution for a shot of pattern and colour.  Look closely and you will see tiny birds.  The graphic pillow repeats the motif in a much bolder way.  
Creating Exploration eclectic kids

 And the bird theme is carried through this nursery even to the ceiling.

Wall Decals and Stencils

Four Walls and a Roof contemporary kids
 These white birds  are subtle and fresh even with the addition of pattern on another wall. I think white drawings are so minimal  because they just hint at their presence.   

Look up!  Look waaaay up! What a lovely finishing touch in a nursery!   

oniroco eclectic kids

  You have to love these graphic birdcages and birds on the wall, but don't miss the pillows!

And here they  are again in  graphic black providing a  backdrop for this dark sofa.  I like how the curved lines of the sofa interact with the curves of the cages. And following up with the real thing......


Family Room Details traditional family room
 Cristi Holcombe

Using cages is a way to reference our fine feathered friends without having them actually  appear.  The absence of presence so to speak. I love the weathered driftwood with the straight lines of the cages.  

 You can also attach birdcages to your wall for a very three dimensional look which leads me to other forms of 3 D accessories....  

Accessory Closeup traditional entry
Nelson Wilson Interiors

Tucked away on a table top amidst  a display of flowers and books, 
Interieurs Showroom by Francine Gardner eclectic home office

 commanding a shelf in a very contemporary office space,

 or hanging in pristine whiteness to delight a new baby, birds take many forms in homes.

Eames House Bird by Vitra modern artwork

 The iconic Eames bird can be found in many styled homes. Charles and Ray Eames had the original carved bird and constantly rearranged  it in various vignettes around their home and when styling photos. Because of the colour and simple lines the bird was sought by Eames fans.   Using 3 D scans of the original bird Vitra is now creating reproductions of it.

Art work

Edgewood Townhouse modern

Silhouettes of birds and branches provide a very eye catching headboard design. 

Black & White Master Bedroom with a Touch of Teal contemporary bedroom
Small prints of various birds matted large and stacked on either side of this bed make for an interesting symmetrical layout.

Spring 2009 British Colonial Entry Room Design Ideas | Williams-Sonoma Home tropical

 Don't forget you don't have to hang artwork.  It can be beautifully displayed as part of a vignette.

Painted Furniture 
black birds

Birds appear to be a favourite motif on painted furniture.  This striking combination begs your attention.  It would make a fantastic art piece at the end of a hallway.


 What a difference from the dresser above.  This one is all calmness and delicacy. 


Mountain House eclectic dining room

 Ingo Maurer  birdy chandelier is a modern classic that will always inspire interest.

Lola Bs traditional living room

 And a more traditional take on a birdie chandelier.

 I could keep going but this post is already too long!

Do you have an interesting way you have included bird motifs in your decor?  Just click on the comments button and have your say.


  1. lots to love in these pictures. I don't have birds around here only bird houses. cheers

  2. Lesley. You must have lots of the real thing where you live. Perhaps birds would be an interesting motif for one of your rugs. I have three different ceramic sculptures of birds in my house. Imagine! I didn't put them in my post. My camera is acting up.


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