Monday, October 3, 2011

Thoughts on armless chairs

Armless chairs are very popular in today's decor, but they can be a decorating challenge when it comes to table selection.  What I like about armless chairs is what actually causes the problem using them- no arms!  End tables which usually range from 24 to 26 inches or zooming up as high as 30 inches look cumbersome with them. The table between the two chairs below towers over the chair seats and you have to reach up to place anything on the table.  This table would be better suited to the side of the sofa.
While there are several ways to integrate armless chairs  into your decor, my best advice  is to organize them in a pair around a coffee table.  That eliminates the need to have a side table.  

family room modern family room
The long narrow coffee, table which I have a serious love affair with, helps to solve the problem of functionality in this room.  Wherever you sit you have a place to lay down a glass or a book. 
Forest Manor Model Home modern living room
Laura Manning Bendik

At first glance this room looks well decorated  The colour scheme supports the dark accents, the drapes are interesting as are the two cylinder coffee tables. When you examine it in terms of functionality it could be improved . This is the same set up  as in the previous shot but it  doesn't work as well because  you cannot reach a table if you are sitting in one of the chairs.  The problem could be solved by moving the chairs in closer to the tables and pulling out the end table to provide table space for the left chair.  For prime functionality a square coffee table would be the answer in this room. 


This is a great nesting coffee table for solving design issues. Just pull out the bottom one and everyone seated will be happy.  Isn't this a beautiful, refreshing colour scheme?  I want to nestle up against the pillows with my book. 
ColvinDesign modern living room

Another great design that is totally functional. Let the younger folk sit on the bench; I'd head for a chair with a back!
Chocolate & Cream Design contemporary bedroom

This chair is tucked away in a bedroom corner and works well because it serves a totally different purpose. It is not meant for lounging, but if you need a place to lay something the bureau is within reach. 
Fancy Chaise 05246 eclectic family room
If you have a chaise which is armless or you are placing a table on the armless side I recommend following the same guidelines as choosing a coffee table. Keep the table a little lower than  the height of the seat.

 The proportions of this table work well . In the absence of the tulip chair a round table would soften the rectangular form of the chair. My that sure is a vibrant blue on the walls! I know an adventurous person lives there. Boring me would have chosen a soft navy.  

And after all that discussion I have to admit that I do not have an armless chair.  How about you?  Have you seen an arrangement of armless chair and table that you liked? 

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