Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Displaying family photographs - 1

We all have them, they keep increasing in number and often seem to get out of control. We could just keep them on the computer or in a box , but shouldn't someone else be able to see them?  Without thought you can easily end up with  every square inch of the tables and bookshelves in your house overrun with family photos. Perhaps these tips can make  photo display a little easier and  more polished.

Hang to create one unit

Using the same colour frames and hanging them so they touch gives the impression of one large unit.  When we want to join anything well in our house the answer is always 'Liquid Nails'  construction adhesive.  Including coloured papers in tones that work with the images  provides a resting place for the eye, highlights the photos, and creates colour cohesiveness.  Put some thought into where you place the colours and also keep arranging  the photos until you have a pleasant composition. If you have access to Ikea frames they work very well for this type of project.


What a great idea for a headboard.  I also like the fact that it keeps the photos in a private part of the house.

Use one type or colour  of frame to unify collections


 Nothing looks as sharp as black and white photographs displayed in a grouping.  While the sizes and thicknesses of frames vary, the colour provides cohesiveness. The overall rectangular shape formed by the frames adds a professional look of the grouping.


While this may look like a more haphazard arrangement on first glance, a closer look reveals order. 

Hanging Picture contemporary hall

This set up is more visually ordered. Lining up the bottoms and tops of photographs  through the middle of an arrangement produces a strong graphic element that draws the eye. 

Dining Room contemporary dining room
Charlie & Co. Design

I guess you can tell which type of arrangements I like.  I seem to have quite a few examples of grids!

Group on a table or mantle

Fluegge Interior Design, Inc.

Do you have a favourite way to display family photos?

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