Thursday, February 17, 2011

Take one roller shade and...

Do you want a WOW treatment for your window? Here are easy window treatments that won't set you back a week's pay, but are sure to be noticed.  All you need is a simple roller shade and a little time.  Perhaps these ideas will inspire new creations in your hands.

Take one roller shade and ...
....paint it.

A simple, large scale design and a vibrant colour create quite an impact.  All you need is a white roller shade, a pencil and acrylic paint.  When you've finished painting and everything is fully dried, use hot glue to attach a strip of contrasting ribbon at the bottom as a finishing detail. The addition of the ring pull adds a  detail that certainly works to add interest.

Here's another take  in stripes using the same process. All you need is a ruler and painter's tape and some left over acrylic paint. 

My Home Ideas 

I think the simple designs work best int this treatment.  White and green always look so fresh no matter what the application.

...use origami paper on  it

 This is an updated idea based on the quilt.  Origami paper squares are attached to a roller shade with craft spray adhesive.  Spray both the back of the paper and the shade for best results. To get a perfect grid  you should start by marking the vertical centre of the blind and applying the squares from that line out to the edges. Start at the bottom and work to the top.  If you have space left over at the edges and you don't want to cut a square, consider using a plain paper as a border. A coordinated ribbon can be glued at the bottom.  When everything is dry, apply  2-3 coat of acrylic matt medium over the top of the paper (available at art supply stores) to allow you to  gently sponge off any dust or stains.  A quicker solution would be to ....

 ... use wallpaper on it


I like the busy pattern with the simple side panels.  This gives a very put together look with very little effort or expense.
 ....use contact paper on it

Now how easy can it get?  The sky's  the limit to what types of designs you could make from contact paper. Think about all the motifs you could use in a child's room. 

.... stencil it

The effects you can achieve by stenciling are as varied as the stencils you can buy or better still make yourself.  Check out  how to stencil a shade  on the link above.

...create a cut out design on it

Martha Stewart

This simple but elegant look is easy to achieve and works best on a coloured shade. Again, you can depend on Martha to show you how.

...use fabric on it 

 Photo: Sara French

This bold, contemporary design in my daughter's guest bedroom is a far cry from  the original shade which had  a scalloped edge below the weight bar complete with a decorative fringe . The scalloped edge was cut off at the weight bar to square it off, and then fabric was attached with spray adhesive.  The shade was rewound to roll over thus hiding the mechanism for a  more polished look.

This is a similar look with a more traditional pattern.

Little Bean Workshop provides a good description of how to apply fabric to a roller shade. Check it out here.

...add ribbon to it

 via Little House in the City

I love the crispness of this application, but you could get different looks by changing the pattern and colours of the ribbon.

...use vinyl appliques on it

photo: Vera Greene

Vinyl appliques (Roomates Deco) offer interesting design options for shades. This  open weave  in an outside mount  covering the window trim allows for a seamless continuation of the wall design.  My talented sister, who can create stunning looks from very little,  suggests leaving the design at the bottom  of the blind  for easy  rolling. 

I almost feel pressed to come up with a nifty design for my own home, but all windows treatments are currently up to date. Do you have any ideas about embellishing a simple roller shade  to add to the list?


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